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Westica have been manufacturing radios in the 1.4Ghz band for over 20 years. The latest product is the MBR10000 which provides over 22Mbit/s of capacity with both TDM (E1) and Ethernet interfaces. The Benefits of using this band are:

Longe range  -  With typical ranges from 250m to over 80km, the MBR10000 has superb long range performance.This is clearly important for remote areas and inter island links, but is increasingly important in urban areas where

Reliable operation over difficult terrain  - This is becoming more of an issue as coverage for emergency services and utility operators is expanded and planning for complex towers and antennas become more difficult to resolve. Expansion of rural telecoms, control of critical infrastructure and growth in mobile communications in previously remote areas all require radios that work on partial line of sight, and have immunity to atmospherics conditions (monsoons, sandstorms, dense vegetation etc).

Simple and low cost installation - Using simple flat panel or YAGI antennas the installation of the MBR10000 is quick and easy. Rental costs for tower installations are lower as the antennas are small and compact. All indoor design means that maintenance can be carried out without specialist climbing teams.


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