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1.4GHz MBR10000 system now has 256QAM

The latest Westica MBR10000 1.4GHz Microwave System can now operate with modulation rates of up to 256QAM. This allows it to carry traffic of 20Mbit/s using a typical 3.5MHz channel. The system is ideally suited for applications in Utilities,emergency service and Oil and Gas networks, where long range, immunity from atmospheric conditions and reliable operation are key requirements. The MBR10000 builds on Westica's 20 years of experience in this band and provides both TDM and IP interfaces to provide a seemless transition from legacy networks to the latest networking technology.

The system is arranged to be all indoor so that there are no active components to install on the communications tower. This simplifies maintenance operations and improves reliability. In addition the system can use very simple YAGI or flat panel antennas which are easy to install and have a wide beamwidth making them simple to align. Another benefit of this fact is that the type of structures required for the antennas is also simplfied as small movements do not affect the signal level as much as for a typical high frequency system.

With long range of upto 80km plus the MBR10000 is suited to customers needing to make reliable connections in remote locations,

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